As we grow larger, so does the need for staying in touch. Facebook, forums, Twitter, chats, etc., are constantly changing. Though they are called improvements, many users are growing unhappy, so they will come and go.

   For this reason, we are asking you to fill out the following form. This is totally voluntary, and has nothing to do with any database being put together by any other organization or institution.

   Very often we get asked if we can hook somebody up. Maybe someone with SCA3 is looking to talk to another SCA person in their area or similar age. We can do that. Maybe an FA person is looking for the same. Maybe someone in a certain region is looking to start a support group. It would be great for us to have the means to help everyone.

   Also, not everyone is a facebooker. There are an estimated 150,000 Americans affected by ataxia. Our FB network has maybe 3000. We need to find more. We certainly are grateful that so many people from other countries have joined us. However the ataxia family is so much bigger.

   All  of you recently diagnosed people know what it's like to get thrown into this world, endlessly searching for answers. All of you veterans know that feeling. We all have the ability to help the next person. Let's start here.

   It took some time and a whole lot of effort for The Fight Ataxia Project to get where we are. We've only just begun. Let's work together on staying together!

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