2 years ago we raised a little over $700. People were just consumed with The Ice Bucket Challenge. Last year kind of fizzledThis year we are starting early, and keeping it going.  Every cent we collect will go to research being done at The University of Chicago Ataxia Center. This will go until July 18th this year.

The trick here is to collect donations, and raise awareness. In 2014, over 15,000 people were invited/challenged, but very few actually followed through. We thank those who made donations and videos.

We need to get started, and we need to follow through. If you challenge someone, stay on them to follow through, either with a donation or a video. Call them out. If they refuse, challenge someone else. This is fun, and we don't want to make anyone mad.

We are also encouraging more participation by reducing the donation from $50 to $25. We are looking to eclipse 2014s total. Let's get this show on the road.

It's  easy...just fill a paper plate with whipped cream, and video tape it.


1) Challenge 3 people. The 3 have 48 hours to accept or donate. They must make a video of themselves stating an educational fact about ataxia.  They must also challenge 3 more people. Then they must be smashed in the face with a pie.

2) If they choose to forego the pie in the face, they must make a $25 donation at the link below.

3) Hopefully, we will have enough particiants and videos to submit to  Ellen DeGeneres and maybe get a mention on her show.

Some facts to use in your videos

It's all about raising awareness, educating the public, raising research dollars, and  having fun!

1) Ataxia is a progressive, neurological condition, and is a cousin to Parkinson's, MS, and ALS
2) There is no cure or effective treatment.
3) Approximately a half million people worldwide have some form of it.
4) There are over 60 hereditary types, and many sporadic or acquired types which can come
     from head trauma, stroke, substance abuse, and even a vitamin deficiency.
5) It can manifest itself to all ages, races, sexes, and wreak havoc on every aspect of life.
6) People with ataxia are often mistaken as being moderately to severely drunk.
7) Basic symptoms are lack of balance, inability to walk normally, slurred and slow speech,
     vision and hearing problems, and overall lack of coordination.
8) Some of the more severe types can cause swallowing problems, heart problems, and scoliosis.

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