My brother Craig is heavily affected by a form of ataxia. It has been very hard for me and the rest of our family watch this condition progress. An active, healthy person, it blindsided him, as it does anyone who is attacked by the crippling symptoms of complete lack of muscular coordination, slurred speech, inability to walk because of impaired balance, vision and hearing issues, tremors, etc.

   On Saturday, September 10th, we are partcipating in a fundraiser by The Fight Ataxia Project. It is a walkathon type event, and it raises money for education, awareness, and funding for research projects at University of Chicago,  because there is currently no viable treatment for any of the over 60 types. It is extremely rare, and therefore no funding comes from any big organization. 
   I would be extremely appreciative if you could sponsor me and make a cash donation. This is a flat donation, and is not contingent on distance, laps, etc. If you could spare $10, $20, or even $50, it will go to a great cause that is very close to us. Thank you from the top, middle, and bottom of my heart.


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