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   About 22 years ago, I got diagnosed with a rare hereditary neurological degenerative disorder called ATAXIA. It is kind of like Parkinsons and MS had a baby that was raised by ALS. At one point, there were 14 members of my family affected.  I was diagnosed at The University of Minnesota by Dr. Christopher Gomez MD, PHD.  
   He has run the Ataxia Center at University of Chicago, where he is Professor and  Chair of the neurology dept. I have spent the last 20  years organizing and running the Chicago support group, advocating for the ataxia community,  doing seminar/workshops, organizing fundraisers and events, and raising public awareness and education.
   September 10th, part 1 of our Fight Ataxia Day is our annual walkathon fundraiser which we call 'Walk This Way.' Monies raised go to support research being done at the University, as there is no cure or viable treatment. Please sponsor me by making a flat donation, and help not only our cause, but that of future generations. Thank you from the top, middle, and bottom of my heart.